Check In x

 Hi Guys,

This is more of a check in post with you guys to find out how you have been coping during the lockdowns. We are in such uncertain times at the moment, especially with going into a second lockdown, your mind goes into over drive and you start to panic so much about what is going on in the world.

I think this second lockdown is worse for me than the first one, going from being able to see your friends and family to not being able to see them for a month can be so frustrating but its always best to think that 4 weeks away from the ones you love is better than putting all of your lives at risk. It can put such a strain on your mental health and that is the worst part of it, but never ever think that you are alone, there is so many people here for you even if you don't know them. Lockdown is such an isolating thing and you feel so alone, but always always message, call, facetime or skype your family and friends because they are probably struggling too.

I think I've taken advantage of this lockdown to actually get back into my blog as I started it and got so distracted with work and things that I just pushed it aside and there isn't anything better than binge watching a good TV Series on Netflix whilst planning my content. 

I have so much planned for this blog and I'm really looking forward to sharing it with you all. 

Hope you are all keeping safe and taking care of yourselves in these difficult times. Just remember to always talk and take care of your family and friends, even if it is just a phone call as you never know how they are feeling.

lots of love

P x


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