My current evening skin care routine

 Hi Guys

Welcome back to my blog, I am going to be sharing my evening skin care routine with you all. I have really enjoyed seeing the progress of how much better my skin has been since I have stuck to my routines. I do more of an in depth skin care routine in the evenings because it sets me up for a good night sleep and there is nothing better than being able to get a decent night sleep! If I have had make up on all day then I like to give my skin ALOT of tlc in the evening.

I always start off with removing any make up I have on with the Garnier Micellar Water and I put a good amount of this onto a cotton pad and wipe all around my face and eyes. I have always used this to take the majority of my make up off.

 I then like to use the Simple Face Wash to get the rest of the make up off, once I have used this to give my face a good wash I do like to use a cleanser after to make sure my skin is nicely cleansed!! My absolute Fav cleanser recently has to be the Carbon Theory Cleansing Bar, I absolutely LOVE this. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean and it is such an affordable skin care product! 

Once my face is cleansed I then use the Carbon Theory Facial Purifying Tonic. (ps my skin care routine may not be the right way to do it to some people but this is just the way that I like to do it and it works for me), I put a few drops of this onto a cotton pad and distribute all over my face. I then go in with The Ordinary Moroccoan Argon Oil serum and put a small amount on my face. 

Once that is done I use Loreal Revitalift anti aging night-cream, I have been using this for years and I still absolutely love it, my skin always feels nicely moisturised and hydrated and hopefully I wont get any wrinkles anytime soon lol. 

Hope you enjoyed todays post guys! If there is anything you would like me to share with you please let me know in the comments!


P x


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